Vladimir Kuzmenkov August 2017

Hi, I’m Vladimir. A happy data-scientist enthusiast.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data science and Analysis - are most fascinating and cutting edge areas I’m diving in. Any data scientist knows that “tingling jolt” happening when a complex model or an exploration all of a sudden show interesting results.

Been a data scientist often feels like integrating complex things into vivid and easy to grasp explanations.

Building a model, understand and keep that big spatial picture of parameters and relations in one’s head, and most importantly watch the model successfully launch. That what brings tremendous joy.

Ok, that’s me on Data Science.

Here is my path so far

My Introduction started with amazing course specialization Applied Data Science with Python, University of Michigan.

As a great platform for practice, connection and discussions with data-science folks people all over the world is Dataquest.io

And an absolutely awesome Specialization on Deep Learning by Andrew Ng!

Thanks for visiting my Blog.